Good Deeds Beads of Saint Therese

Good Deeds Beads of Saint Therese information

How to use your Good Deeds Beads:

These beads are large so you can hang your Good Deeds Beads up on your kitchen wall by the key ring. Every time you do a good deed take it down off the wall and move a bead. Remember to hang it back up so you don't misplace it. Have fun and enjoy.

Do a good deed,
Move a bead.

Feed the poor,
Move one more.

Give your friends the help they need,
You can add another bead.

Help clean up the kitchen floor.
Guess what? Now that's four!

In the 1800's Therese Martin's older sister gave her something called Good Deed beads. She said these were some beads that could help you count your presents to God. One day Therese was picking flowers and it was her grandmother's turn to bring flowers to the church for the altar. Therese didn't want to give the flowers she picked to her grandmother. Then Therese remembered the good deed beads and she gave the flowers to her grandmother. Therese Martin grew up and became a nun. Today, we know her as Saint Therese of Lisieux, so we guess the good deed beads made her think of God more.

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