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A Chaplet Collectors Paradise. The list of Angel Chaplets, Saint Chaplets, Our Lord Chaplets, and Our Lady Chaplets on this page will provide you with a picture, description, and purchase button of all of the chaplets with links to the prayer and history of that saint.

Each chaplet is handmade personally by Shalom. They are not mass-produced. After every chaplet is made, a Hail Mary is said before connecting my work together. This is done, as a special prayer to the Blessed Mother in hopes that any chaplet made by me will be put to good use. It is a shame to buy a chaplet and not use it so please pray on your chaplet.

Chaplets have become my specialty. I started out by making chaplets for my own personal use and prayer. The different arrangement of beads and the unique prayers for each chaplet fascinated me so much that I began collecting them. Relatives and friends saw me making these so called chaplets and wanted me to make some for them too. Everyone thought they would make nice gifts and that I should start sell them.

When I started selling rosaries and chaplets I realized that I had to educate the public. It was amazing to find out that many people including Catholics did not know what a chaplet was. People would ask me about these unique prayer beads, or call them small rosaries. I'd tell them they are called chaplets. The next question was always What is a Rosary? or What is a Chaplet? I would show them and explain to them about the different beads.

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