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Profile Mother of Jesus. Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Betrothed of Saint Joseph The Feast of 8 September originated in Jerusalem. In the 7th century, in the Byzantine Rite and at Rome, the Birth of the Blessed Virgin was celebrated this day. The feast is also celebrated on September 8 in the Syriac Rite and on September 7 in the Coptic Rite. The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows was originally granted to the Order of the Servants of Mary in 1667; it was introduced into the Roman Calendar in 1814 and assigned to the third Sunday in September. In 1913 the date of the feast was assigned to September 15.

Born: unknown, perhaps 20BC; celebrated on 8 September
Died : unknown; assumed into heaven, date unknown but celebrated on 15 August
Memorial: Immaculate Heart of Mary 22 August

Name Meaning myrhh

Patronage Acadians, Africa (declared by Cardinal Lavigerie in 1876), against epidemics, against flooding, against lightning, against storms, air crews, aircraft pilots, Alabama, Alaska, Albania, diocese of Albany New York, Alezio, Italy, Algeria, Almería, Spain, diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Americas, Andorran security forces, Angola (21 Novemer 1984), Arabia, Argentina, Argentinian Air Force, Argentinian Army, Argentinian military chaplains, Arizona, Arkansas, armies of Jalisco Army of the Andes, archdiocese of Atlanta, Georgia, diocese of Austin Texas, Australia, Australian military chaplains, Austria, aviators

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