Chaplet Prayer for Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna chaplet information

This chaplet in honor of St. Dymphna is made up of 17 beads.
Fifteen of those beads represent the 15 years of her life.
Two of the beads are for the intentions of the Holy Father's

This chaplet comes in red, white, or green.
The red chaplet is recited in honor of her martyrdom.
The white in honor of her virginity.
The green is for hope of relief of emotional disorders.

How to say Chaplet:
1st bead: Our Father.
2nd bead: Hail Mary for the Holy Father's intentions.
15 Beads: Glory be to the Father in honor of the 15 years of St. Dymphna's life.
Intentions may be made at the beginning or end of the chaplet.

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