Chaplet Prayer for Saint Kateri Indian Rosary

Saint Kateri Indian Rosary chaplet information

A Chaplet of Prayer dedicated in honor of the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the Lily of the Mohawks.

Order of Recitation.
1. Kiss the Cross, and make the Sign of the Cross with it. Saying,
"In the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen."
Ask God to make Kateri a Saint, and petition Kateri to help you in your personal needs.

2. Recite an "Our Fahter" on each of the 8 Brown Beads:
a "Hail Mary" on each of the 8 Red Beads;
and a "Glory Be" on each of the 8 Crystal Beads.

3. Make the Sign of the Cross as above.

Explanation, Meaning, Intention of the Rosary.
The Cross.
The Cross is of Sturolite," Nature's amazing wonder mineral found in the shape of tiny crosses in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, and New Mexico. It is an Indian legend that on the day that Christ died on the Cross, the woodland animals wept, their tiny tears falling upon the earth and crystallizing into these tiny crosses.

The 24 Beads
Kateri, whose name means, "Putting all things in order" and "Moving all things before her," was 24 years young when she departed from this world, which she loved so much, and joined her beloved Ra-wen-ni-io, the God Who creat4d this beautiful World, gave her an immortal soul, and set it afire with a consuming love for Him. The 24 Beads portray Kateri's short, yet so fruitful 24 years upon this Earth.

Brown Beads ( 8 Our Fathers)
Earth colors were very popular with the Indians, Brown is the predominant color of the Earth. It must have been one of God's most favorite colors. The moccasins which Kateri and her people wore were brown, too. God, the Father, gave us this World in perfect order. Ask Blessed Kateri's intercession before God to set this Earth, our minds, our bodies, and all our problems in order again.

Red Beads (8 Hail Marys)
Red is the traditional color of Love. Love runs in the red blood of all mankind, transcending race and color. God must have had a particular love for this part of the Continent when he colored its first inhabitants Red. Indians have an innate love for all mankind as their brothers. Moonstone red is for the high form of love we must have for each other, and the great love that Kateri had for Our Blessed Mother. Ask Kateri's intercession to Mary to form this kind of love in all our hearts, and to lead us back to Christ.

Crystal Beads (8 Glory Be's)
Indians believed that the crystal-clear lakes and streams were the tears of the Great Spirit. Mary the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, through Kateri's prayers, restore the beauty of our waters, skies, forests, and air - the ecology of our entire World.

Blesse Kateri Indian Rosary information

This information was taken from a letter and handout to me from:
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha League
Office of the Vice-Postulator
Auriesville, N.Y. 12016

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