Saint Raphael the Archangel

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Also Known as: Angel of Love; Angel of Joy
Memorial: 29 September

Profile Archangel. One of the three angels known by name, and one of the seven that stand before God's throne. Lead character in the deutero-canonical book of Tobit in which he travelled with (and guarded) Tobiah, and cured a man's blindness; hence his connection with travellers, young people, blindness, healing and healers. The force behind the healing power of the sheep pool mentioned in John 5:1-4.

Born: wasn't
Died : hasn't
Name Meaning God has healed or Healer of God

Patronage apothecaries, blind people, bodily ills, doctors, druggists, archdiocese of Dubuque Iowa, eye disease, eye problems, guardian angels, happy meetings, insanity, love, lovers, mental illness, mentally ill people, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, archdiocese of Seattle Washington, shepherdesses, shepherds, sick people, sickness, travellers, young people

You should be aware that the word "angel" denotes a function rather than a nature. Those holy spirits of heaven have indeed always been spirits. They can only be called angels when they deliver some message. Moreover, those who deliver messages of lesser importance are called angels; and those who proclaim messages of supreme importance are called archangels.

Raphael means...God's remedy, for when he touched Tobit's eyes in order to cure him, he banished the darkness of his blindness. Thus, since he is to heal, he is rightly caused God's remedy.
from a homily by Pope Saint Gregory the Great

Picture and History taken from:
(Jones, Terry H. Patron Saints Index. 2002. (11-12, 2002)
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