Franciscan Crown Family Rosary

Seven Joys of Mary

Family Rosary - Franciscan Crown - 7 Joys of Mary
This Rosary is made in the birthstone colors representing the family members. We begin this Rosary with the Mother and Father birthstone colors on the first 5 beads. All of the Our Father Beads will be done in the Father's birthstone colors. Each decade will represent the seven children, and within those decades are the grandchildren.

Mother, Crystal -April
Father, Ruby - July

(1) Child, Emerald - May
Husband, Alexandrite - June
(a) Grandchild, Rose - October
(b) Grandchild, Crystal -April
(c) Grandchild, Lt. Sapphire - - December

(2) Child, Emerald - May
Husband, Rose - October
(a) Grandchild, Crystal -April
(b) Grandchild, Aquamarine - March

(3) Child, Topaz - November
Husband, Garnet - January
(a) Grandchild, Garnet - January
(b) Grandchild, Alexandrite - June

(4) Child, Amethyst - February
Wife, Amethyst - February
(a) Grandchild, Alexandrite - June
(b) Grandchild, Amethyst - February

(5) Child, Emerald - May
(6) Child, Emerald - May

(7) Child, Rose - October

Franciscan Crown Rosary, Seven Joys of Mary Colors are:

Garnet - January

Amethyst - February

Aquamarine - March

Crystal - April

Emerald - May

Alexandrite (Pale Lavender) - June

Ruby Red - July

Olivine (Pale Green) - August

Sapphire Dark Sapphire Blue - September

Rose Light Rose (Pink) - October

Topaz Amber - November

Sapphire Light Sapphire Blue - December

Also comes in Jet Black

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