Saint Benedict Chaplet Prayer

Saint Benedict chaplet information

Construction: 32 beads - 4 groups of 7 beads with single beads in between on the loop attached to a center medal of St. Benedict, then a single bead on the tail with a St. Benedict crucifix.

Information: The chaplet construction was based on the writings of St. Benedict. Also, there are 7 beads in each group to represent the 7 sacraments. On my chaplet cards, I included pictures of both sides of the medal along with an explanation of the symbols along with this information: "To receive the spiritual benefits, the medal (blessed by a priest using the prayer of exorcism) may be devoutly worn around the neck, attached to a scapular or rosary or carried in a pocket. It is often placed on the corners of fields or building foundations (or attached to automobiles) to call down God's blessing and protection through the intercession of St. Benedict." "In Benedictine prayer, we empty ourselves to make room for the contemplative love of God."


On the medal:
Gracious and Holy Father, give us the wisdom to discover You, the intelligence to understand You, the diligence to seek after You, the patience to wait for You, eyes to behold You, a heart to meditate upon You and a life to proclaim You; through the power of the Spirit of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

On the first single bead:
God our Father, in Your Goodness, grant me the intellect to comprehend You, the perception to discern You and the reason to appreciate You.

On the beads:
Teach me to walk in Your Ways, O Lord, with the Gospel as my guide.

On the second single bead:
In Your Kindness, endow me with the intelligence to look for You, the wisdom to discover You and the spirit to apprehend You.

On the beads:
May Your Holy Cross be my light; may Satan never be my guide.

On the third single bead:
In Your Graciousness, bestow on me a heart to contemplate You, ears to hear You, eyes to see You and a tongue to speak of You.

On the beads:
May I be strengthened by Your Presence, O Lord, at the hour of death.

On the fourth single bead:
In Your Mercy, confer on me a conversation pleasing to You, the patience to wait for You and the perseverance to long for You.

On the beads:
Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities; for what you offer is evil.

Closing Prayer:
Grant me a perfect end in Your Holy Presence, O Lord. Amen.

Information taken from:
Author: Our Lady of Grace Rosaries, 2006 (Canada)
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