The Love Mystery Rosary

How to pray The Love Mystery Rosary

Pope John XXIII is his first ecumenical council did many exciting things.
1) Change the format of the mass
2) Change its language away from Latin
3) Eating fish on Friday no longer required etc.

There was one important way that prayer was changed.
We no longer had to restrict ourselves to the given prayers of the church and we were encouraged to make up our own rosaries, mysteries and chaplets.

As God's message was love, I wrote the Love Mysteries many years ago. As I teach Sunday School, lead a prayer group, K of C etc.. I teach them to anyone who wishes to use then in addition to the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.

The Love Mystery Rosary is prayed on a standard 5 decade rosary.
The color for this Rosary is a light pink or coral beads.

The meditations are the individuals choice.

The Mysteries are:
1. The Love of God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth.
2. The Love of Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, our Redeemer.
3. The Love of the Holy Spirit who teaches us to forgive and forget.
4. The Love of the Blessed Virgin Mary who intercedes to Jesus for us.
5. The love of St. Joseph.

The order in which the prayers are said are the same as the 5 decade Dominican Rosary.
Start with the Apostles creed
1 Our Father
3 Hail Mary's
1 Glory be

On each decade Announce the Love Mystery for that decade and say 1 Our Father, Announce meditate and pray on each of the 10 Hail Mary beads; Pray I Glory be; and Pray 1 Fatima prayer.

Love Mysteries
(Meditations as an example:)

1st Love Mystery
Love of God The Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.
On each Hail Mary, I like to think of the Creation
1 - 7 Beads (7 beads-1 bead for each of God's days (not earth days) in creation,
8-9 Bead one each for the creation of man and woman and their need/love of each other and
10th Bead for earth's harmony and the mysteries of the cycles of life.

The 2nd Love Mystery
Love of Jesus Christ our Redeemer.
I meditate on each Hail Mary
1st Bead His words and wisdom,
2nd Bead His miracles and curing of the sick and infirm,
3- 7 Beads on his passion,
8-9 Beads on his resurrection and ascension
10th Bead on the decent of the Holy Spirit.

The 3rd Love
Mystery Love of the Holy Spirit
I concentrate of the gifts that come of The Holy Spirit.
1. Gift of Tongues
2. Gift of Forgiveness
3. Charity
4. Christian Perfection
5. Humility
6. Subduing inner unruly passions
7. Obedience
8. Perseverance in faith
9. Protects us from the snares of the devil and
10. The gift to forget ills done to us by our trespassers.

The 4th Love Mystery
Love of the Blessed Virgin Mary who intercedes to her Son Jesus and love of her anguishes she suffered for us.
1. The anguish of the annunciation and telling to Joseph that she was with child.
2. The hardship of the trip to Bethlehem being 9 months pregnant.
3. Delivering a child alone in a stable as no one offered them help or a place.
4. The prophecy of Simeon in the temple.
5. The Fleeing to Egypt to save the Child's life who was only several days old.
6. Losing Jesus in Jerusalem at age 12.
7. The foretelling of his passion by Jesus to Mary.
8. Watching Jesus being arrested and dragged to judgement.
9. Watching Jesus' embarrassment of being stripped naked in front of his mother and then scourged.
10. Watching her son's life slip away on the cross unable to console him.

The 5th Love Mystery
The Love of St. Joseph
1. Acceptance of the unborn child.
2. Protecting the child.
3. Teaching the child to read and write.3-teaching the adolescent Jesus to become a carpenter.
4. Understanding Jesus needs.
5. Understanding Mary's needs to follow her son.
6. Raising /guiding their other children in the absence of Mary.
7. Joseph always a faithful provider.
8. Joseph's powerful intercession to Jesus.
9. Joseph-patron of departing souls
10. Ever loving father

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by Brian Heacock.
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